Who Are We?

Katie Hammon and Harith Saam at The Albany Music Coalition Press Event

Photo taken by Jesse Matulis at The Foundry for Art Design + Culture

As The Albany Music Coalition steps up into the community, here is a little more depth into what we have in the works for this coming year.

In building the vast community of musicians and music lovers, we plan to work across all genres, ages, professions and experience; providing events that will pull the community together as well as educate those around us. There are many subsets of musicians and professionals working in the music field that seem to be unaware of one another; we plan to bridge the gaps and connect these communities into one large music community.

Through our website we plan to have an interactive calendar that anyone can submit events to, a monthly newsletter, features on local artists, as well as a series of informational and educational podcasts on topics related to our music community. We hope that the music community will use these tools as well as other items on our website, but we are most focused on events and educational materials that help to connect those around us in person.

Some of the events we are planning for this year include a local musician’s concert series, shows for kids, workshops, panel discussions, town hall meetings, and a culminating conference. In founding the Albany Music Coalition Harith Saam and I, Katie Hammon, discussed many issues we saw in The Albany Music Community. We formed the Coalition as a way to solve these issues and improve the community as a whole.

We founded The Albany Music Coalition for the musicians, and music lovers and hope that the community will jump on board as we work together to make Albany and the surrounding area a more cohesive place to be a musician, write about music, record music, teach music, listen to music, and much, much more.

Coaltion Press Event Attendees

Photo taken by Jesse Matulis at The Foundry for Art Design + Culture

The Coalition wishes to provide free benefits for the first year and possibly more depending on our ability to sustain ourselves solely on volunteer work and ticketed events. If and when we move to a paid membership, dues will help fund educational projects and events requiring more resources then we can currently afford. We do not wish to turn anyone away; therefore dues will be very low.

I hope those interested in The Albany Music Coalition understand a little more about who we are and what we have to offer. We hope you will attend our first event on April 13th to learn a bit more about The Coalition and enjoy the sounds of these amazing local musicians. Admission will be used to support The Coalition as we move through the process of establishing non-profit status.

Thank you for all of your support and interest.